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The huge overabundance of NGL's from the U.S. shale revolution has meant supply has dramatically surpassed domestic demand. These attractive economics led to global LPG export, and through the latter half of 2014, ethane export contracts to Europe and India through the likes of Ineos, Borealis and Reliance.

With the dramatic drop in crude at the end of 2014 the arbitrage between ethane and LPG and naphtha has become much closer, creating uncertainty over the viability for U.S. NGL export, at least in the short-term.

U.S. Ethane & LPG Export: ASIA 2015 is the only event that brings together leading industry figures from the United States and Asia to identify the most profitable markets for U.S. ethane and LPG.

Key Topics Covered Will Include

U.S. SUPPLY & EXPORT INFRASTRUCTURE: Providing an accurate assessment of the volumes of C2-C4 in the US and the export infrastructure in place to export to Asian markets

C2-C4 EXPORT VIABILITY DURING DEPRESSED CRUDE PRICING: Analyzing how U.S. C2-C4 compare with naphtha as a petrochemical feedstock in Asia

ASIAN PDH PROJECTS: Examining the delays on current projects with realistic assessments on their completion times and strategic advice on the feasibility and logistics to accurately quantify demand volumes

SHIPPING COSTS: Detailing the associated logistical and transportation developments to provide favorable economics and maximise export arbitrage

STORAGE: Breaking down the storage requirements for Ethane & LPG projects to determine strategies to mitigate risk and cost

MIDDLE EAST SUPPLY STRATEGY: Analyzing how Middle East export strategy and depressed crude pricing will determine U.S. competitiveness in Asian markets

ASIAN DERIVATIVE MARKET DEMAND & GROWTH: Examining the Asian derivative market to determine pricing, production capacity and export policy

LPG v LNG: Detailing price dynamics for LPG and potential growth markets in Japan, China and developing economies

ETHANE AS A FUEL: Examining the specification potential for ethane blending in LNG and as an independent source for power generation

Capitalize On Growing Market Opportunities

Across two days, this event reveals the supply/demand balances to determine the business case for C2-C4 export to maximise arbitrage throughout depressed crude pricing. It does so whilst also accurately revealing Asian petrochemical and fuel sourcing to pinpoint demand and export potential to China, Japan, Korea, India and other developing Asian economies.

Day 1 Details U.S. C2-C4 supply and infrastructure readiness to determine export viability to Asian markets during low and high crude pricing. It will provide in-depth analysis of domestic U.S. supply volumes and domestic demand and how export economics compete with naphtha and other feed-stocks.

Day 2 Provides updates on Asian downstream markets, PDH projects, LPG & Ethane fuel markets to determine C2-C4 demand and the optimal long-term feedstock. It will reveal Asian derivative consumption, ethane and propane markets in addition to the logistical costs to ensure short and long-term profitability.


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With 20+ Operator-Led Case Studies, This Is The Only Event That Provides Industry Leading Insight On:

  • Detailed breakdown of the associated costs of exporting Ethane & LPG to maximise long-term profitability in the wake of lower crude prices
  • The first event to bring leading U.S. producers and terminal operators together with leading Asian petrochemical and fuel companies to discuss Ethane export sensitivities and viability
  • The first event to provide updates and barriers on Chinese PDH projects to provide accurate completion dates and investment opportunities
  • The only event that provides exhaustive detail on supply/demand economics to reveal a clear business case for export and the consequential downstream impact on Asian markets
  • The only event to provide detailed insight on the logistical and operational impact of Ethane & LPG export on the Asian derivative downstream value chain
  • The only event that pinpoints regional Asian demand to identify the most profitable markets to maximise return on investment
  • The first event to explore the use of Ethane as a fuel for power-generation and scrutinize the potential for feedstock multi-functionality
  • The only event to discuss shipping and storage cost efficiencies to increase arbitrage and help build the business case for export

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